Werewolf, Recluse, and Former Agent of the Brotherhood


There’s not a monster on earth that doesn’t instinctively fear the name Albrecht. The family’s reputation as skilled and deadly hunters is well-earned. For centuries, Albrechts around the world have been trained from birth to track, kill, and dispose of the supernatural creatures that prey on mankind. They don’t do it in service of any higher purpose or calling—it’s just in their blood.

The Brotherhood had long pursued a relationship with the famously insular Albrecht clan, to no avail. All attempts to recruit one of the notorious hunters had failed. So when young Jefferson Albrecht agreed to join the Brotherhood Academy, they may have overreacted a bit. He arrived to the full royal treatment, and it kinda went to his head. His instructors were concerned. Albrecht was a skilled hunter, no doubt, but this kid was being groomed to lead the Alphas, and leadership requires a level of creativity and improvisation that he just didn’t seem to have. Despite his instructor’s misgivings, the Brotherhood figured it was best to bank on the Albrecht name recognition, and he was given command of an Epsilon Chapter straight out of the academy.

And then something bad happened.

While investigating reports of a horerczy sighting deep in Germany’s Black Forest, Albrecht failed to notice signs of werewolf activity in the area. The attack was swift and the team unprepared. Four agents were killed immediately, and the wolf decapitated the team’s Cipher—triggering a distress beacon—before escaping into the woods. Albrecht survived, but he’d been badly bitten. He wasn’t the first in his family to suffer the werewolf’s curse. He knew what had to be done. He reloaded his revolver with silver bullets and aimed it at his heart, but passed out from blood loss before he could pull the trigger.

Recovery from the werevirus is a long and painful process. Jefferson spent weeks strapped to a hospital bed as strange medicines and potions were pumped through his veins, attempting to halt the spread of the virus before it could change him any further. The extraction team had administered antivirals in time to keep him from going full-wolf, but just barely. He hardly recognizes the angry, feral face in the mirror anymore.

Upon his release, he learned that his Cipher’s goggle feed of the attack had been leaked, and it told a damning story. With his team dying around him, Albrecht had frozen. Unable to adapt to the situation on the ground and take command, he had locked up, and his team was slaughtered as a result. He knew they’d never let him back in the field. Who could blame them.

So that’s where he stands. The Brotherhood’s abandoned him. To his family, he’s just another monster that needs killing. Unable to trust himself around other people, he’s retreated to a remote cabin in the forests of Montana. He fishes. He hunts. He gets by. It’s not the life an Albrecht should lead, but it’s a life.

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