About the Film

One late night in a college dorm, four socially inept geeks immerse themselves in a fantasy world of their own creation. As their characters journey through forbidden kingdoms, ancient ruins, and the forsaken wilderness, the players attempt to solve a mysterious puzzle that could ultimately mean the difference between getting a life and death. Who is The Shadow? Where is The Princess hidden? Will any of them ever find a date? And how long do they have before their annoyed neighbors call the cops?

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  1. The shadow

    I want another movie. Make it happen.

  2. Kyle

    You guys are amazing please keep more coming. My girlfriend thinks I am a super nerd but you guys keep me wanting to play! Do not stop!

  3. Fral Leman

    I loved Dorkness Rising so much, and just recently I found this gem! I’m sad to see no episode 2 though. I might be late to the party.

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