Demon Hunters – Page 5

It’s Demon Hunters day! What the hell did Silent Jim just do to Gabriel!?

Demon Hunters Comic

DG Game Night! Cinco de Mayo! Demon Hunters!

It’s round two, this time with better technical know-how! Come watch the Dead Gentlemen play the Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game. The audience will have the ability to control the Cipher. The Q&A section will work this time, but if all else fails, submit your requests/Cipher commands to #DG_Demonhunters via Twitter.

Demon Hunters Comic

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 4

We’re four pages in to our relaunch of the Demon Hunters story. Let us know what you think so far!

Demon Hunters Comic

Dead Gentlemen Game Night!

When: TONIGHT! Monday, April 7th, 2014. Start time 7pm Pacific. This event will be recorded and available on YouTube if you can’t make the live event. What: You’re invited to join the DG as we attempt to game online via Google Hangouts. We’ll of course be playing the Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game. We are excited

Demon Hunters Comic

Return of the Demon Hunters

Fifteen years ago, Dead Gentlemen Productions premiered their very first film to a packed theater on the PLU

Demon Hunters Comic

We are here

  Come visit booth 1515 and say hi our folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. You may also find yourself sighting Jen Page, Christian Doyle, Ben Dobyns, Tony Becerra, and undoubtedly many people I cannot confirm because they’re probably already headed that way.


The Scene you DIDN’T see in Dead Camper Lake

The final cut of Dead Camper Lake comes in at around 100 minutes, but that took a lot of cutting. The DVD has a branching version that includes a bunch of cut scenes, but there’s one scene that nobody’s ever seen before. Sadly, it never made it past the script stage. Of course, I’m talking

Dead Camper Lake

Matt Shimkus & Kevin Pitman are in a new production together!

Come check out two amazing actors we have the privilege of working with in a new stage production together at the Taproot Theatre: Matt Shimkus and Kevin Pitman, both of JourneyQuest and Demon Hunters fame here at DG and ZOE, are cast in “In the Book of”, by John Walch at the Taproot Theatre. Click


Demon Hunters Hangout

Last night we chatted about Demon Hunters and other various things. Here’s the full two hours. God help you if you actually watch the whole thing.

Dead Camper Lake

Demon Hunters: The Brotherhood Orientation Video (2008)

Written by Jimmy McMichael, Nathan Rice, and Matt Vancil Directed by Ben Dobyns and Don Early Since the most ancient days of the world, the forces of Evil have gathered minions of all kinds—from syphilitic ninja vampires to werebadgers, and demons of all varieties—to wreak havoc on the mortal plane. The forces of Good responded

Demon Hunters RPG

DG Live Hangout this Sunday

WHEN: Sunday, March 23rd at 8pm Pacific To get ready for the launch of the anticipated Demon Hunters webcomic, a bunch of us DG are getting together via Google Hangouts, broadcast LIVE on our YouTube Channel, to talk about how it all began, what it was like, how things have evolved, and what we’re looking

Dead Camper Lake

Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake (2001)

Written by Matt Vancil Directed by Don Early All Chris wants is to be an accountant. This changes

Dead Camper Lake