Thanatologist, Vodou Priestess, and Research Scientist for the Brotherhood


Zombies are a problem. Their self-replication, rapid transmission, and 100% death rate means zombies are the only supernatural species that the Brotherhood has deemed “shoot-on-sight.” Their top scientists and thaumaturges have searched for an antidote to the zombie toxin for decades, but it’s an indecipherable melange of bacterial infection, prionic pathogens, and mysticism. The most promising approach to a cure yet actually came from a civilian.

Bijou Labeaux earned doctorates in Biology and Anthropology from Columbia University before her seventeenth birthday, and has studied extensively under a number of houngans and mambos to become a master of Haitian vodou. Her doctoral dissertation was leaked to the Brotherhood by one of her professors who freelances for them on occasion. Bijou’s methods were no less than a revelation. The Brotherhood sent a recruiter to offer her their backing to continue her research, along with a cushy, state-of-the-art laboratory courtesy of a Brotherhood cover corporation. All that was left was to run her through the basic field combat exercises required of all new recruits. That was their big mistake.

The problem is, lab work is BORING. Once Bijou realized how fun field work can be, she became obsessed. Every moment not spent toiling away in the lab is spent in martial arts training, tweaking her vodou rituals for maximum effectiveness, or petitioning the higher-ups for a promotion to field agent. It’ll happen; if only because no one can get a word in edgewise to disagree with her. The girl can talk!

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