One-Man War Zone and Brotherhood Freelancer



It’s the only thing still legible on his dog tags. The rest has been obliterated; either pounded flat or melted into slag. In any case, no military in the world has a record of a seven foot tall Latino soldier named “Wolf”. Maybe they should check the history books.

Wolf is a war veteran. EVERY war. There hasn’t been a battle in recorded history that Wolf hasn’t fought in, escalated, or outright started. There’s even a cave painting in France that depicts a pretty remarkable likeness of Wolf mowing down Neanderthals with a Gatling gun. Nobody’s sure how he does it. He could be a godling, or an immortal, or maybe even a time traveler. He doesn’t seem to be too clear on the process himself. Not that it keeps him up at night. His priorities tend to be where to find the next fight, and the location of the closest bar. The answers are usually the same.

He’s not picky when it comes to fighting, and he doesn’t limit himself to just humans. Wolf’s happy to put the hurt on any sort of monster, mutant, or dimensional interloper he comes across. He’s freelanced for the Good guys since before the Brotherhood even existed. Not out of any sense of loyalty or morality of course—their enemies are just more fun to punch!

The Brotherhood has long hoped to get Wolf signed on full-time, but none of the other agents want to work with him. He’s not what you’d call a “team player,” and previous attempts have been…what’s a nice word for “cataclysmic?” Maybe someday an overconfident Chapter leader will be foolish and desperate enough to recruit him to their team. There’s always hope!

Everything Wolf throws explodes.

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