Burnout, Suspected Traitor, and Former Brotherhood Agent


Gabriel was on top of the world. As the leader of Chapter Alpha One—the highest position a field agent of the Brotherhood of the Celestial torch could hope to achieve—he’d assembled a team of hunters whose skills rivaled anything the Brotherhood had ever seen.

And then something bad happened.

The Brotherhood didn’t believe his official report on what’s come to be known as the Vancouver Disaster. They stripped him of his command. Kicked him out of the only life he’s ever known. The few friends who didn’t die in the attack have turned their backs on him, and the rumor mill’s been whispering that he’s switched sides. So he packed everything he owns into the back of his van and drove off to start a new life.

He made it as far a dive bar a few miles from Regional HQ where he’s currently trying—and failing—to drink away the betrayal. Gabriel was born into this life. It’s the only thing he’s ever known. If he’s not a Demon Hunter, then what is he?

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