Welcome back! Oh, sorry! That wasn’t directed at you guys–the fans who have faithfully visited our site for years hoping to see new content. It was for us, the Dead Gentlemen, who kinda forgot that we had a website for a while.

Guys, we missed 2013.

An entire year. The Gamers: Hands of Fate was released and we didn’t have a single post about it, or anything else for that matter. Unacceptable!

So we’re back. We’ve got a fresh coat of paint (that might still need some minor touch-ups), and we’ve cleaned out the archives–dumping everything from before 2010. I know, it seems sad, but you’re really not missing anything. It was all missing images and broken links to pages that haven’t existed for a decade or more. But the trailers, the movies, the shorts, that video of Christian, Scott, and Brian covered in cheese–all the important stuff is still here. This time around, we’re tapping all the resources. Hopefully it means more frequent updates from a bunch of the Gentlemen.  Fingers crossed!

We’ve got some big stuff coming up this year too! The Demon Hunters comic starts April 1st (no foolin’!) with a complete reboot of the series. Later in the year we’ll have the JourneyQuest Season 3 Kickstarter, and we’re currently in development on a new and improved version of the Demon Hunters RPG that’s being rebooted along with the comic.

Stuff’s happening, folks–for real this time! Stay tuned!